Thank you for being our friends! (Winter events & new comment box)

This past FloydPRIDE was wonderful, and are so proud to be featured in The Floyd Press (the expanded article is here!) We had an awesome time, and from here, we intend to keep moving forward. We are so grateful to everyone who came out to support us on our ongoing effort for visibility, commemoration, and celebration. It’s all of our hopes to build an open, respectful space for LGBT+ folks and their allies in Floyd, and with that in mind, we have a few new events put forth for the coming months!

First, we’re going to be setting both a personal and household rate for official membership in PFLAG. While membership is not required to take part in our events or attend our meetings, it helps to boost our chapter and fund important things for everyone (member or not) to take part in!

In November, we’ll be planning a potluck and membership drive for anyone who wants to purchase a personal membership or to pay it forward for anyone who can’t: donation is not required to attend, but is encouraged! In December, we have a (tentative) LGBT+ documentary screening and popcorn sales (we’ve got our fingers crossed on the location!) and in January, we’ll have our PFLAG officer elections.

This will all be in addition to upcoming events that arise (and will be advertised here on this site and/or on Facebook-) and any ideas you may have, which can be quickly submitted to us with our new google form tab at the far right side of the banner! Today is the first day this feature is live, and hopefully, it will make communications to PFLAG much quicker and more elegant. Each month, we’ll review the questions and suggestions from the inbox at our meetings, so come if you have an idea you’re passionate about!

Warm wishes to you all,
– Emil Jude

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