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Valentine’s Day Workshop: 2020!

LOVING MYSELF TOO is a free, cooperative workshop where we will be identifying the way we- and others- criticize ourselves; and instead, we will choose to affirm ourselves as human beings. We will have suggestions of ways we can nurture ourselves in healthy ways, both alone and with others, and take care of ourselves in a stressful world!
We will be making DIY valentines with our words of love to ourselves for each participant to take home.

If you have favorite photographs, paper, glitter, artsy pinking shears, markers, stickers or whatever- bring them! Swap and talk with your fellow PFLAG folks about what we have to be proud of, to love, and who we want to be. Since we will be discussing negative self-talk, please use your own best judgement as to your comfort in this space!

This workshop will be hosted by myself (Emil!) a Floyd PFLAG member.